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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles

At Hayat Family Law, we handle domestic violence and family law cases throughout Los Angeles County. No matter the specific issue you’re facing, you’ll need a Lawyer on your side to protect your interests and your future by providing a custom solution for your case.

Domestic Violence Legal Services

Are you a victim of domestic violence? Or have you been falsely accused of domestic violence? Both of these situations are very common in Los Angeles. What are the legal procedures involved in defending against domestic violence charges? How can you locate an experienced lawyer for legal help? If you have been accused of domestic violence, you should contact an attorney immediately. It is essential to retain an experienced attorney with knowledge of domestic violence laws.


A defense attorney can assist you in gathering evidence and navigating the legal process. Domestic violence defense attorneys are familiar with the accusations against you and can assist you in developing viable defenses. Without competent legal counsel, a conviction for domestic violence may result in severe punishment, including imprisonment. An experienced domestic violence attorney knows how to construct a compelling defense for the defendant and can provide a free evaluation of the case.


Domestic violence attorneys are familiar with mitigating circumstances that could mitigate potential consequences and will defend you against any charges presented against you. Your attorney will also assist you in identifying potential defenses in your case. When facing accusations of abuse or assault within a marriage, it is crucial to employ an experienced criminal attorney who specializes in domestic violence defense.


A criminal defense attorney can provide the defendant with the best legal advice and assist them in navigating a challenging situation. Similarly, if a family law attorney is retained if you’re the victim of domestic violence, the family attorney can assist you with filing a PFA (Protection From Abuse) in the state of California. You will have a greater chance of successfully defending yourself in court if you hire an attorney who has handled domestic violence cases before.


What If You’re The Victim of Domestic Violence?


If you are experiencing domestic violence in your marriage, it is crucial to retain legal representation. A lawyer can help you obtain a restraining order against domestic violence, which can protect you from further injury, and also help you obtain a child custody order and other protective orders under family law. When dealing with allegations of domestic violence, it is essential to know your rights and to have an experienced attorney to defend you.


In cases involving allegations of domestic violence, a temporary restraining order may be issued if necessary so that an attorney can help challenge any evidence presented by the prosecutor. They may also cross-examine witnesses and present arguments during custody or protective order proceedings.


These orders may include protections for the victim and their family, as well as a prohibition on the abuser’s contact with them. In addition, they can provide victims with money for basic needs and a secure place to remain if they are forced to leave the family home. If you are a victim of domestic violence, it is essential to have someone on your side. A lawyer can assist you in obtaining the necessary protection for yourself and your family so that the violence does not occur again or at least does not escalate.


What’s The Ramifications of Domestic Violence?


Domestic violence charges can carry severe penalties, including prison time, and a conviction can have far-reaching social and personal consequences. A lawyer can help you navigate your social life, employment opportunities, financing, and job search. In California, a restraining order may also be issued, which, if violated, could have serious consequences for the accused. When considering hiring an attorney to defend you in this situation, you should not overlook the loss of stigma. A lawyer can also assist with custody issues if one spouse must leave the home because of domestic violence charges.


If you decide to employ an attorney, he or she can guide you through the family court decision-making process and advocate for your interests in court. They can also provide assistance during the court procedure, such as if you need assistance with rent or child care. If financial resources are required, they can assist with maintenance financial support and other available resources for domestic violence victims. Contact us at Hayat Family Law if you’re a victim of domestic violence or being accused. We have offices in Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks.

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Domestic Violence Lawyer in Los Angeles
Domestic Violence Lawyer
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Frequently Asked Questions About Domestic Violence Lawyers in Los Angeles

Here are 20 frequently asked questions about domestic violence lawyers in Los Angeles:


1. What is the role of a domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles?
A domestic violence lawyer specializes in representing individuals who have been accused of or are victims of domestic violence.


2. When should I consider hiring a domestic violence lawyer in Los Angeles?
If you’ve been accused of domestic violence or if you’re a victim seeking protection, you should consider hiring a lawyer.


3. What is considered domestic violence in Los Angeles?
Domestic violence includes physical, emotional, psychological, and economic abuse within intimate relationships or households.


4. Can I get a restraining order in Los Angeles if I’m a victim of domestic violence?
Yes, a domestic violence lawyer can help you obtain a restraining order (also known as a protective order) to protect you from an abusive individual.


5. Can a domestic violence lawyer help with child custody issues in Los Angeles?
Yes, a lawyer can assist in addressing child custody matters when domestic violence is a factor.


6. What should I do if I’m accused of domestic violence in Los Angeles?
It’s important to consult a domestic violence lawyer immediately to understand your rights, options, and legal defenses.


7. Can domestic violence charges be dropped in Los Angeles?
Charges can be dropped, but it depends on the specific circumstances and evidence. A lawyer can advise you on your best course of action.


8. How can a domestic violence lawyer help in defending against false accusations in Los Angeles?
A lawyer can gather evidence, interview witnesses, and present a strong defense to counter false accusations.


9. What are the potential penalties for a domestic violence conviction in Los Angeles?
Penalties may include jail time, fines, mandatory counseling, probation, and restraining orders.


10. Can I get a domestic violence charge expunged from my record in Los Angeles?
Depending on the circumstances, you might be eligible for expungement. A lawyer can help you determine your eligibility.


11. Can a domestic violence lawyer assist with orders of protection in Los Angeles?
Yes, a lawyer can help obtain and enforce orders of protection to keep an abusive individual away from you.


12. Is it possible to get a restraining order against a family member in Los Angeles?
Yes, you can obtain a restraining order against a family member if they pose a threat to your safety.


13. Can a domestic violence lawyer help with immigration-related issues in Los Angeles?
Yes, a lawyer can assist victims of domestic violence in obtaining U-visas or other protections available under immigration law.


14. What is the difference between a criminal case and a civil case in domestic violence matters in Los Angeles?
A criminal case involves charges filed by the state, while a civil case may involve seeking restraining orders or damages in court.


15. Can a domestic violence lawyer help with divorce proceedings involving abuse in Los Angeles?
Yes, a lawyer can assist in navigating divorce proceedings when domestic violence is a factor, ensuring your safety and rights are protected.


16. What evidence is crucial in domestic violence cases in Los Angeles?
Evidence may include photographs, medical records, witness statements, and any relevant documentation of abuse.


17. Can I change or modify a restraining order in Los Angeles?
Yes, you can request modifications to a restraining order based on changed circumstances. A lawyer can guide you through the process.


18. Can a domestic violence lawyer help with criminal defense in Los Angeles?
Yes, a lawyer can provide a strong defense against criminal charges related to domestic violence.


19. Is mediation an option for resolving domestic violence disputes in Los Angeles?
Mediation is generally not recommended in cases involving domestic violence, as power imbalances can hinder productive negotiation.


20. What should I do if I suspect someone I know is a victim of domestic violence in Los Angeles?
Encourage them to seek help from a domestic violence lawyer, a support organization, or law enforcement if they’re in immediate danger.

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