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At Hayat Family Law, we handle paternity and family law cases throughout Los Angeles County. No matter the specific issue you’re facing, you’ll need a Lawyer on your side to protect your interests and your future by providing a custom solution for your case.

Paternity Legal Services

What are the various reasons why a father may request paternity testing? What are the measures that must be taken to establish paternity. If a paternity test is ordered and the father does not appear for the test, the court may issue a default paternity judgment. This essentially implies that the father is legally presumed to be the child’s father, even if he objects. A paternity test can establish genuine legal paternity through DNA testing. Fathers may require a paternity test for a variety of reasons, including establishing their biological relationship with their child or establishing another person’s relationship with them.


Paternity tests can aid in determining parental responsibility, visitation rights, and child support obligations. In certain circumstances, a father may request a child custody arrangement or establish paternity. A court can determine paternity and order the father to pay child support. If the paternity of only one parent must be established, only that parent must grant consent for paternity testing. DNA testing has become the most reliable method for fathers to prove legal paternity, and the court can appoint a test attorney in order to establish a child support agreement or even an heir. If necessary, a judge will also issue a court order.


If the mother alleges that her husband is not the biological father, the court order will identify the husband as the legal father. In this situation, the mother must provide written consent from her former spouse in order to establish paternity. Unless she does so, she must allege paternity in a paternity suit. The court will then order a paternity test, and if it reveals that the man is the child’s biological father, he will be listed as such on the birth certificate and lawfully acknowledged as such. Frequently, fathers request paternity tests to ensure that they are listed as the father on their child’s birth certificate and have parental rights. In a paternity suit, fathers must employ an experienced attorney due to the fact that state laws can vary.


Parentage or paternity is the legal bond between a father and his offspring. When the mother and putative father of a child are not married, paternity establishment services can determine the legal parents of the child. Establishing paternity is required for providing family support, such as obtaining court orders for child support and medical coverage and referring cases to CSEA (Child Support Enforcement Agency). When a father requests a paternity test, he must submit an official declaration of parentage establishing him as the child’s legal parent. Obtaining a court order may be necessary if there is a dispute between the parties.


If Paternity is in Doubt


If paternity is in question, it is crucial that both parties comprehend their rights and the significance of requesting genetic testing. Paternity tests are utilized to establish paternity and can reveal genetic test results that either support or refute a claim of fatherhood. Upon establishing paternity, the courts may issue orders for child support payments, custody time, or other forms of support based on the test results.


A court may also establish an agreement between parties requesting genetic testing or issue consent orders to ensure that both parents consent to the request prior to testing. If a father is ordered by the court to pay child support but fails to do so, he may be held in contempt and face possible incarceration.


Fathers may also reject the possibility of paternity and request a paternity test. This occurs frequently when there are multiple potential fathers or when the parents were never married. When submitting test results in a child custody case involving unmarried parents, it is crucial to remember that the tested mother may have already established the father’s legitimacy through an informal agreement or court order. If this is the case, the law may provide for a rebuttable presumption of paternity. This means that the court will determine paternity based on the evidence presented in a family court proceeding.


The court or either parent may order paternity testing through the local child support office. On the basis of the results of a cheek swab paternity test, the father may be able to demonstrate that he is not the biological father of a child and will not be required to provide financial support. Contact us if you need legal help proving or disproving paternity. Our family law offices are located in Santa Monica and Sherman Oaks.

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Paternity Lawyer in Los Angeles
Paternity Lawyer
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Frequently Asked Questions About Paternity Lawyers in Los Angeles

Here are 20 frequently asked questions about paternity lawyers in Los Angeles:


1. What is the role of a paternity lawyer in Los Angeles?
A paternity lawyer specializes in legal matters related to establishing and determining the legal father of a child.


2. When should I consider hiring a paternity lawyer in Los Angeles?
You should consider hiring a lawyer when you’re seeking to establish paternity, resolve custody and visitation issues, or address child support matters.


3. What is paternity establishment in Los Angeles?
Paternity establishment involves legally determining the father of a child when parents are unmarried or when there’s uncertainty.


4. How is paternity established in Los Angeles?
Paternity can be established through voluntary acknowledgment, court orders, genetic testing, or through marriage to the child’s mother.


5. What are the benefits of establishing paternity in Los Angeles?
Benefits include legal rights and responsibilities related to child custody, visitation, and child support.


6. Can a mother file for paternity in Los Angeles?
Yes, both mothers and potential fathers can initiate paternity proceedings to establish legal parentage.


7. How does paternity impact child custody and visitation in Los Angeles?
Paternity can impact a father’s rights to custody and visitation with their child.


8. Can a paternity lawyer help with child support matters in Los Angeles?
Yes, a paternity lawyer can assist in determining and addressing child support obligations once paternity is established.


9. Can paternity be established if the father is deceased in Los Angeles?
In some cases, paternity can be established posthumously through genetic testing or other evidence.


10. What is genetic testing for paternity in Los Angeles?
Genetic testing involves DNA testing to determine biological parentage accurately.


11. What if the alleged father refuses to undergo genetic testing in Los Angeles?
The court may order genetic testing if the alleged father refuses, and refusal might be seen as an indication of paternity.


12. Can paternity be established if the father lives in another state or country in Los Angeles?
Yes, paternity can be established across state or international borders through legal processes and agreements.


13. What if both parents agree on paternity in Los Angeles?
If both parents agree, they can sign a voluntary declaration of paternity, which legally establishes the father’s identity.


14. Can a paternity lawyer help with custody disputes in Los Angeles?
Yes, a paternity lawyer can assist in resolving custody disputes that arise after paternity is established.


15. What if the alleged father disputes paternity in Los Angeles?
If paternity is disputed, genetic testing and legal proceedings might be necessary to determine parentage.


16. Can a paternity lawyer help with step-parent adoption in Los Angeles?
Yes, a paternity lawyer can guide you through the legal process of step-parent adoption, which often requires consent from the biological father.


17. Can a paternity lawyer assist with name changes for the child in Los Angeles?
Yes, a paternity lawyer can help with legal name changes for the child after paternity is established.


18. Can a father establish paternity if the mother is married to someone else in Los Angeles?
Yes, a father can establish paternity even if the mother is married to someone else, but legal complexities might arise.


19. Can paternity be established if the mother is deceased in Los Angeles?
In some cases, paternity can still be established through genetic testing or other legal means.


20. Is mediation an option for paternity disputes in Los Angeles?
Yes, mediation can be used to resolve paternity disputes, especially when both parties are willing to work together.

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