Child Visitation Arrangements in Los Angeles

Child Visitation Arrangements in Los Angeles

Family legal issues, such as child visitation concerns, can be challenging to resolve. Typically, visitation arrangements and visitation privileges are determined during the creation of a parenting plan. If one parent interferes with the rights of the other, they may need to consult a Los Angeles custody attorney.

If modifications are necessary, the court will determine a new arrangement based on what is in the child’s best interest. When filing for child custody in Los Angeles County, if both parents are still married and residing together, both spouses retain their marital right to have custody of their children.

However, if the parents are no longer together and have not yet reached a custody agreement, the court may grant sole physical custody to one parent, who will then be referred to as the custodial parent. The other parent may still be granted visitation rights or custody time if it is in the child’s best interest.

If both parents are unable to agree on a parenting plan through mediation or another form of alternative dispute resolution (ADR), they will be required to attend a court proceeding where a judge will determine what is in the best interest of their child.

What Does The Court Do?

The court will consider the physical custody, legal custody, and visitation rights desired by both parents. Los Angeles courts favor joint physical custody arrangements between both parents. This means that both parents will have equal access to their child and will be able to make joint decisions regarding the child’s education, health care, and other significant matters.

In some instances, a judge may determine that one parent should have sole physical custody of the child and establish a parenting time schedule that allows the other parent to have regular contact with the child. This decision is based on what is in the child’s best interest, and a court may take into account the child’s preference, relationship with each parent, and parental influence.

It can be difficult to navigate family law issues such as custody laws in Los Angeles or the rest of California. The family law attorneys, at Hayat Family Law, can provide advice on the particulars of a case and suggest visitation arrangements or other solutions that could be advantageous to all parties. Regarding visitation rights, the court has discretion in determining what is best for the child’s well-being.

Even if one parent has sole physical custody, visitation attorneys can help ensure that both parents have an equal opportunity to develop meaningful relationships with their children. In California, custodial parents are required to facilitate contact between their children and the non-custodial parent, within reasonable parameters established by court order or agreement.

It is essential for both parents to understand California’s Child Custody laws when deciding on visitation arrangements for their children, so that they are in accordance with state law and most advantageous for all parties involved. Call or message us now for more information about child visitation arrangements in Los Angeles.