Family Law Court Services

Family Law Court Services

Family Court Services provides orientations on the Child Custody Recommending Counseling Process and a CCRC program for families involved in custody and visitation disputes. If there are concerns about the health or welfare of their children, the judge may choose to order an investigation by the Family Court Services Division. The program provides families involved in custody and visitation disputes with orientation information and may recommend counseling as part of the process.

Families with custody and visitation disputes are also provided with a supervised visitation program through the Court Services program. Prior to the appointed CCRC (Child Custody Recommendation Counseling) session, both parents are required to attend an orientation session as part of the process. This orientation session provided by Court Services is intended to provide families with vital information regarding child custody-related health, safety, and other issues. This ensures that the disputing parties are thoroughly informed of their rights and responsibilities under family law prior to their court appearance.

Family Court Services assists families in resolving disputes that are not suitable for mediation upon court referral. This includes custody-recommendation counseling, emergency assessment and evaluation services, and mediation services. Additionally, court services offer education and assistance in resolving family disputes. This includes custody and visitation rights and may encompass the most challenging family cases. Court services help family court litigants save time while resolving family issues.

Therapeutic Interventions

Families in conflict receive supportive services such as brief therapeutic interventions. At each county courthouse, there are court services to assist with child support issues and resources to reduce the expense of attending a hearing or trial for those who qualify for free legal aid.

In addition to providing information on children’s developmental requirements, parenting, child abuse, substance abuse, and family dynamics, the court services staff also provides families with information on parenting and family dynamics. In addition to providing educational information and required training programs, they provide guidance regarding domestic violence and its effects on children, as well as the skills necessary to assist in the nonviolent resolution of disputes between spouses or other parents.

Family court services, such as developmental needs assessment and child abuse investigation, are essential for providing families with the resources necessary to maintain a secure environment. Court investigators are also required to evaluate the family dynamics and parent-child interactions in a given case.

Structured interventions and case management provide educational opportunities for all parties while mitigating the process’s impact on those involved. In addition, Family Law Court Services provides, when necessary, violence safety assessments and short-term stabilization management. Contact us today for more information about this family court matter.